I'm an Angel with No Wings

Yet I have Learned to Fly...

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Name: Sylar, aka Gabriel Gray

Relevance to Storyline: The wild card, the force of chaos and darkness that must exist in uneasy juxtapose to order and light. The "villain" if you would have it that way. Mohinder's demon; shadow-self to many characters, including Mohinder, Nathan, and of course, Peter; temptation to others, like Eden McCain and Noah Bennet.

Ability: Intuitive Aptitude

Known Acquired Abilities: telekinesis, cryokinesis, eidetic memory.

History: Gabriel Gray, raised by an Italian Catholic mother, and an Irish-English Catholic father, grew up stifled and pressured in a cramped, quietly hostile home in Queens, New York. His mother always wanted him to make something of himself. His father wanted him apprenticed in the family trade. Gabriel, for his part, lacked his own clear ambition.

Gangly as a child, he was quiet, imaginative, and aloof. He was also some what morbid, but he learned to keep his stranger ideas to himself to avoid harassment from his schoolmates and father, and the fussing worry of his mother. He became an adept actor early in life, smiling when he felt no joy, looking pensive when he felt no remorse. Still, he remained an outsider with few friends. Different, but unremarkable, and when not bullied largely ignored.

In his teen years pressure from family increased. Intimidated by his father's insults and insinuations of inevitable failure in any other course, Gabriel folded and trained to take over the family business. He spent the next decade of his life fixing time pieces, wasting all the potential he might have had.

Until Chandra came. Taking the name Sylar was less the assumption of a new identity, in retrospect, than the realization of his true one. The persona he'd created as Gabriel Gray had been a mask of humanity to skate by unseen, but now he felt unfettered, and acted accordingly. He sometimes felt as though he'd gotten out of his own hands, but it was a heady feeling that quickly grew addicting. His brazenness got him into a spot of trouble, though, and he found himself captured by Bennet and Primatech...

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